Tanzania Rugby

Tanzania Rugby

Don’t let the darkness steal your light.

Tanzania Rugby Development

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Tanzania Rugby Development (TRD) is a non-profit organization which aims to use rugby as a tool to to empower, grow and developunderprivileged children in Tanzania.
Juma Kittyler, the founder and driving force behind TRD, visits local schools each week to conduct practices. Juma has exposed more than 3000 Tanzanian children to rugby who had never seen the oval ball before.
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Carlstrong Foundation

Carlstrong Foundation

Don’t let the darkness steal your light.

Carlstrong Foundation Overview

The Carlstrong Foundation aims at supporting individuals who are dealing with grief, loss and other emotional consequences, such as depression, as a result of violent crime. With the vision of providing, among various other support structures, financial support to individuals who are unable to afford the necessary professional help required.

Carlstrong Foundation

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Our first project is aimed at raising funds to support and finance an individual that has been affected by a violent crime. The sole purpose is to walk the journey alongside the individual to reach the ultimate goal of a full emotional recovery.

Furthermore, this project will enable us to build a more substantial model for all future beneficiaries, allowing us to finance and support as many individuals as possible.
The support program includes:
– Covering/Contributing towards consultation fees of medical
professionals such as psychiatrists & psychologists.
– Covering/Contributing towards the relevant prescribed
medication if necessary (prescribed by relevant medical professionals).
– Reintegrating the individual into a social lifestyle.
– Generating lifestyle/fitness goals that the individual can work towards.

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Carlstrong Army 


Ruben Schoombie

R2,100 July 9, 2019

Wade Bromfield

R210 June 8, 2019

Derek Glanvill

R6,000 June 7, 2019

Happy to support you Jade
Love Derek and Penny


Niki Bosini

R1,050 June 6, 2019

Mari-Lise Martignone

R315 June 5, 2019
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R250 May 30, 2019

David and Smeg

R420 May 30, 2019
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R200 May 30, 2019

Kirsten Schoombie

R840 May 29, 2019

Victoria Timcke

R210 May 29, 2019


R210 May 29, 2019

All the best!

“The Carlstrong Foundation is an organisation that works to rebuild & strengthen an individual’s will to live.  Helping individuals find their drive & meaning again”

Lee Schoombie

Founder, Carlstrong Foundation

” It is an instrumental platform for those who need to put their pieces back together”

Jackie Davidoff

Treasurer & Attorney , Carlstrong Foundation

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083 765 5788




Launched today, SimpletoGive (StG) is an innovative crowd-funding platform powered by Infiniti Online, targeting R100m for education .

 “Its nationwide implementation is aimed at raising funds for education. Schools and NPO’s in the education sector can register on the website which guides them through setting up a fundraising campaign” – states Chad Roberts, Founder of SimpletoGive.

 StG, enables an organisation to access contributions in concentrated space of time without being distracted from core duties.  The project is in part driven by ‘Ambassadors’ and ‘Champions’ willing to offer their support. All aspects of the fund-raising campaign have been considered by the StG team including publicity, marketing, and fundraising strategies as well as security and integrity.

 Chad says, “after working with schools and NPO’s for an extended period, it is incredibly exciting to partner with Infiniti Insurance on this project that has the ability to impact education on a national level.”

 Infiniti CEO Sharon Paterson says her company has aligned itself to the project based on a shared vision of contributing to education as a pillar of South African society.  “Infiniti has from its inception adopted the philosophy of establishing strong alliances to foster sustainability and long-term growth.  The support provided to StG is a current and relevant contribution to our society as a whole and one which helps address educational support as one of today’s most pressing needs.

The importance of education coupled with our economic climate calls for inventive solutions.  SimpletoGive is exactly what the name implies. Its technological platform is a dynamic enabler for fund-raising activities.

“We’re inviting all educational organisations to join the campaign by registering on www.simpletogive.org.za” says Chad