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About SimpletoGive 

SimpletoGive is a platform used to raise funds for education.
Its implementation is based on a crowdfunding concept of raising financial contributions from a large number of people.
SimpletoGive is motivated by the need for improvement and assistance for learners throughout the country. The campaign is powered by Infiniti Online, a division of Infiniti Insurance a leading South African insurance company.

Introducing our corporate enabler 

The company has from its inception adopted the philosophy of establishing strong relationships and working together to foster sustainability and long-term growth.  This project aims to assist in addressing educational support as one of South Africa’s most pressing needs. Pressures exerted on all of us in the economic climate call for inventive solutions.  

SimpletoGive is exactly what the name implies. It’s technological platform enables fund-raising activities with minimum effort and in the case of Infiniti Online, aligns perfectly with the company’s online digital strategy of simple to join, simple to claim.  As a result we are both excited and proud in getting behind SimpletoGive.

From the CEO

“SimpletoGive is  a project which has the potential of creating real value for education over a period of time. This is why Infiniti, has positioned itself  as the corporate enabler of SimpletoGive. It is an extraordinary opportunity to invest in our country’s future and one that lies close to my heart.”
Sharon Paterson – CEO, Infiniti Insurance


From the Founder 

“After working with schools and NPO’s for an extended period it is incredibly exciting to partner with Infiniti on this project that can impact education on a national level”

Chad Roberts – Founder of SimpletoGive