Lettie Love Fund

The majority of cancer patients out there either don’t get to their treatments or get there in a compromised and undignified manner. By the provision of a personalized ‘lift club’ travelling daily into the townships and areas where these people are, we hope that we can get more people to treatment and we can eliminate one of the major headaches these folk have – access to transport and mobility.

Lettie Love Fund

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Could you guess what one of the biggest obstacles to treatment are for cancer patients in South Africa? Transport.  Ridiculous, isn’t it?? Patients who are already facing the biggest fight of their lives aren’t making it to the battleground.  Daily radiation treatment for up to 6 weeks means daily round trips to hospital with public transport, with a starting cost of R2500.  Those who start radiotherapy, end up bowing out of the fight because they simply run out of funds.  Many don’t even begin. The Lettie Love Fund removes that obstacle.  We provide a completely free, reliable & safe door-to-door transport service for underprivileged cancer patients in Durban. The problem is, our valiant steed has delivered over 120 patients to treatment, but is now very tired & in need of a replacement. Help us get a newer vehicle & get our driver, Siya, back on the road giving hope to those who need to keep fighting!
Because no-one fighting cancer should have to fight more than their disease.
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Olga Thangavay

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May the memory live on and may we continue to serve those in need.


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